Case Studies


The task was to arrange a luxury double decker bus to provide an enthralling experience to the select few fans Of Rising Pune Supergiants team. The lucky winners who were to get a chance to board this fan bus had to participate and win the contest, run by Gulf. These fans were to be picked from the Red fm radio station and dropped at the MCA stadium on the day of the match. It was essential to give credence to the fans along with creating a buzz for the brand and the team –‘Pune Rising Supergiants’. It was undoubtedly a challenging task to make this trip an eye catchy affair and grab as many eyeballs as possible on the route.

Planning and Execution:

Gulf entrusted this project to Liquid Communication and expected it to be the most eventful memory for the IPL fans in Pune. As per the client brief we started planning and working on the project well in advance as it involved a lot of intricacies like arranging a double decker vehicle and getting the permissions from the relevant Commissioner, BMC and PMC and get this van running across Pune city. But before the run the major responsibility was to deport this van from Mumbai to Pune as these buses were not available in Pune.

The necessary documentation and permissions required for the activity were processed in advance. The creative artwork was designed to showcase the thrill and excitement related to IPL and depict the ‘Rising spirit of Supergiants’. The bus fabrication was undertaken in Mumbai and it was deported to Pune well in advance before the activity.

The bus was further furbished with balloons and printed flags with gulf logo. To create a buzz a DJ console was arranged to make it a musical trip and the famous IPL trumpets were also kept ready for the fans to make some noise and cheer for their team. The bus with its appealing bright colours and LED stickers became every pedestrian’s attraction. Each passerby noticed the supergiant fan bus ready to depart from the pick up station fully loaded with its fans.

The journey from the pickup to the Stadium was that of two hours and we happened to make every moment exciting with Radio coverage, DJ, games, activities that kept the fans engaged and promoters kept the deck alive by their gimmicks. Besides that snacks were also arranged on the deck. For the fans it was an experience of a lifetime. We also created a unique LED lit T-shirts for the promoters to be worn in the stadium that flashed a four, six and out with just a press of a button.

Gulf had never done such an activity for IPL and we were delighted to surpass their every expectation with this unusual activity for the brand and the Pune Rising Supergiants.


The specially fabricated supergiant fan van caught the attention of every commuter of Pune on its route. It gave a wide visibility to the brand and also created adequate buzz for the Pune Rising Superstars. The journey gave a lifetime experience to the fans not just on the field but also off the field. The activity has been making rounds of discussions in the city of Pune. The lucky ones took the ride while the rest just remained the envious onlookers. Overall it created a super buzz in the city.

Event Theme

Eksathe – Agamir Pathe (Together – Towards the Future).

A two day resident conference attended by the distributors of Gulf, Bangladesh.

Event Objective

Introduce Mr. Shakib Al Hasan, Captain of Bangladesh Cricket Team as the brand Ambassador of Gulf Bangladesh, and announce his association with Gulf Oil on the occasion

Event Delivery

We delivered end to end solution to Gulf Bangladesh right from hospitality of guests, watching a Live IPL Match, City tour, to a full day Gala Event.

Shakib Al Hasan’s split screen entry and grand welcome marked as an overwhelming moment of the event. With formal introduction through an audio visual Shakib’s association with Gulf Bangladesh was announced, followed by award function, entertaining performances and gala dinner.

The meticulous planning and execution made it a successful Mice and unforgettable experience.


Haier a renowned brand in the electronics and home appliances segment approached us with a requirement to arrange an event at Lucknow. The core objective of the project was to launch and introduce their new products in the categories of Refrigerator, Led Tv and washing machine to their channel partners.

Planning and Execution

The planning was meticulously done, for the event to flow seamlessly. It was a trade partner meet wherin the arrangements for over 300 retailers from different regions of the state had to be made along with the top senior management, zonal heads and product group heads of Haier. It was planned in such a way that product remained the prime focus and at the same time channel partners are given equal credence. The elements were to be arranged to make the retail meet a grand affair.

Elements management for Haier Retail meet

  • Venue and hospitality
  • The venue had to be spacious to display the entire product range and create a zone for the new launches. Hence the Golden Blossom Imperial Resort was proposed for the event which got an instant go ahead from the client. With the onset of the summer season and temperature rising across India, products such as Air conditioners, refrigerators, LED and deep freezers were at core focus during the meet. The capacity of the hotel allowed the a systematic arrangement of the product range in one section with appropriate branding and backdrops; while the other section was utilized for the conference.

  • Event flow
  • The event flow was planned in such a way that every aspect was significantly covered and led to a eventful channel partner meet.

  • Back stage
  • The backstage technicalities were taken care by our professional team for a smooth runthrough of the event.

  • Production/ Product Display
  • The production team did a complete recce of the venue and executed the plan taking into consideration the minutest details. The products were aligned exquisitely to give a panoramic view of the range to the channel partners as they enter the venue. Also the entrance to the conference hall was designed in such a way that it was imperative for the retailers to pass through the gangway of the product display area.

  • Product Launch
  • A dedicated zone was created for the new products that were the prime highlight of the meet.

  • Entertainment
  • A special entertainment session was also arranged post meet which included music and dance numbers by professionals.


The entire event progressed as per the expectation and marked another milestone for us. The new product were prominently launched and exhibited. Also the retailers went through thorough orientation along with the entertainment. The aim of the client to strengthen the ties with the traders and channel partners in the region was successfully accomplished.


Liquid Communication bagged the mandate for the launch of Haier’s international product range as well as commemorating their National Dealer’s Meet. The scope of work comprised conceptualising, designing, planning, and executing the entire event at Pune where their new plant has been set up. J. W Marriot was selected as the ideal venue for the event.

Description: The task included ideation, pre event planning, artist management, setting up state of the art infrastructure with advanced technologies. The brief was to plan and execute an event that would be grand and memorable for national dealers as well as for the Chinese delegates.

Meticulous planning was done for an effortless flow of the event and impressive execution. The product display area was creatively designed to match the international standards. It showcased product range providing prominent visibility in exclusive frameworks. Everything was planned and executed keeping in mind the precision and versatility expected by the guests of honour and representatives from China.

The event commenced with product introductions and launch presentations, awards and accolades and was well balanced with entertainment activities. The Rhythm Dance troupe showcased their talent with their enthralling performance specialised in Bollywood dance form. Overall the entire event flowed smoothly and was concluded with humble appreciation from the Haier team for putting up such a great show.

The launch event turned out to be a huge success with the joint efforts of team Liquid with an amazing team spirit that is prepared for the challenges for such grand event to turn into and eventful memory for the client.


Pidilite a trusted name in the adhesive segment wanted to launch a new product called ‘Elephant fix’ with some unique features. They wanted to conduct a retailers and carpenters meet at Bangalore to introduce the product and make it an educative as well as an interactive affair for them.

Planning & Execution:
The meet was planned for the carpenters and retailers with the intention to educate them about the new product and also to make the whole event more interactive. The product ‘Elephant Fix’ had some unique features which need to be communicated in a different way to the audience. The new product being the prime focus the entire event had to revolve around it.

The venue had to be apt for the meet and product launch. Hence a perfect hotel suiting the needs of the project was selected for the event.

Event Flow:
The goal was to introduce the product in an innovative way. Hence the entire flow was designed in such a way that it creates curiosity for the new product.

Our production team planned a huge setup for the screening and product launch activities. A huge elephant theme based game zone was created for the carpenters and retailer to participate in the activities. Besides that a huge product demo zone was created for live product demo.

Product experience zone:
The launch was done in a very different way. Rather than revealing the product in a grand way it was decided to give live demo to the carpenters and retailers. This product experience created a huge impact on the minds of the carpenters.

Activity zone:
An activity zone was created and all the activities were planned to reinforce the product theme of an element. Each activity was based on strength and wisdom the core qualities of the elephant.

The entire event created a huge impact on the minds of the TG and familiarized them with the new product. The real time experience with the product along with theoretical benefits convinced the carpenters and retailers about the credibility of the product.


ICICI bank ltd wanted to promote their loan offering for cattle owners in the rural market through KYC details and generate leads. The core target was to generate business through local activity which benefits the farmers and generates business for the bank.

Planning and execution:
The activity had to be meticulously planned to cater to the target group i.e cattle owners. It was essential to build a bond of trust and generate the need to take cattle loans for better milk production and income. Hence the promotion needed to be planned in a way that the rural crowd could relate to and take decisions. The campaign was built under the name ‘Kamdhenu Loan’ Understanding the TG

The bank got associated with the milk collection centres and fabricated activities in and around these centres.

A road show and canter-van activity was arranged near the milk collection centres. The cattle owners were educated and briefed about the loan offers and their benefits. Their KYC was done through their milk revenue passbooks.

Accordingly their eligibility for the loan was checked and were then invited for a special screening of a documentary in the evening.

Screening of documentary:
A special film was documented for educating the cattle owners in the evening. And the eligible candidates immediately got their approvals for the loan as per their income.

It not just proved to be an awareness creating activity but won a prestigious award as the most creative rural activation campaign. It resulted in profitable growth for the brand and the campaign is still has been running in the rural areas.


Mobile van and test drive: Mahindra & Mahindra an eminent name in the automobile segment wanted to reach out to the TG in the interiors where they do not have dealer showrooms. Hence the task was to widen the each and tap the market in the rural areas in the slack period of monsoon.

The concept of a mobile showroom was proposed which immediately got a go ahead and it was executed in the interior regions. A vehicle was also available for test drive along with the mobile van.

The bookings were confirmed after a short test drive with the vehicle. The activity resulted in an unexpected increase in sales in the monsoon season and also built awareness for the brand.


Association of Mutual Funds in India (AMFI) was holding its first ever Mutual Fund Summit in the financial capital of the country, Mumbai. Shri Ajay Tyagi, Chairman of SEBI was to inaugurate the Summit and preside over as the Chief Guest of the Summit and Mr. Anil Ambani was going to be the Guest of Honour. This invite-only Summit was to bring together the dignitaries and top level personnel in the fraternity. The agenda included presentations, panel discussions and speech by the dignitaries with the core objective of setting the vision and roadmap for 2025.

The multi agency pitch was bagged by Liquid Communication. The brief was to plan and execute an exceptionally exclusive event for around 1000 VIP guests as Sahara Star on June 29, 2017. Since the invitees were all dignitaries the entire event had to be planned with technologically advanced arrangements. The challenge was to conduct the whole planning and organization within a short span of time.

Planning and Execution:
The key plan for the event was to keep it high profile. The brief demanded digital process and technologically advanced arrangements. Liquid Communication made it a point to go a level up with all-encompassing digital and comprehensive technologies. The logo was designed to match the band values and the core purpose of the event.

A website was developed for registration and also a custom designed and user friendly app for further notifications and updates. Also it equipped the client with a systematic QR code scan entry and unique code distribution for the bulk invites. This process proved to be hassle free and seamless for the registration and entry for the high profile dignitaries.

The concept of two arrows moving forward, showing the roadmap for the industry was designed that represented the vision for the industry. A huge stage setup was fabricated with a composite theme considering the exclusivity of the event. The concept perpetually flowed through, commencing from the event logo to the colossal setup. Every corner of the venue was elaborately branded starting from the grand entrance gate, detailed floor navigation to setting up of live screens. Liquid left no stone unturned for aggrandizing the stage setup with its impeccable placement of creative elements complementing the large LED walls that perfectly aligned with the concept and brand values. The ambience was kept premium coupled with exclusive hospitality arrangements for the guests.

The Summit turned out to be a huge success. Liquid Communication’s insightful planning; with its intricate and strategic approach and meticulous execution gave AMFI Mutual Fund Summit a unique position in the market and has set a new benchmark.


Liquid Communication managed AMFI’s Members Summit 2019 in Mumbai. SEBI Chairman Mr Ajay Tyagi graced the event and addressed the member’s regarding future goals and growth. The conference was attended by the CEOs, CIOs, SEBI Officials and dignitaries from the mutual industry.

One of the renowned motivational speakers Capt. Raghu Raman gave an inspiring speech to the audience.

Amfi holds its conference every year with its members and Liquid Communication has proved to be their trusted partner every year by conceptualising, innovating and managing the event for the past 3 years.


Aditya Birla Mutual Fund, a known name in the mutual fund industry intended to conduct engagement activities in the interior markets to expand its reach in the state of Gujarat. The brief was to come up with concepts for on ground BTL activities that would not only draw the crowd as visitors to the event but also convert them into customers. Also the brief demanded a plan that exciting to draw the attention of the common man and keep him engaged as well as informed at the same time. The core intention was to spread awareness as well as generate business through this event.

Decoding the brief Liquid communication came up with a concept of organising an event in a Mela format. This unique idea paved way to uncommon activities which instantly got approved by the client. But the real challenge was the execution of the Mela in different cities of Gujarat.

Planning and Execution:
The Mela as termed as ‘Nivesh Mela’. The plan was to execute interesting activities that will educate the visitor the benefits of investing in Mutual funds. The same was achieved with planning of activities based on goals like Child Education, Travel. A Snakes and Ladder game was customised to relate it to Mutual fund retirement plans. An interesting game “Catch the Money’ was designed to communicate that earning money is not easy and it needs to be therefore invested thoughtfully.

All these activities educated the visitors by engaging them thoughtfully and communicated the advantages of investing in Mutual funds as well. A special advisors desk was also planned to educate the visitor termed as ‘Sip Now’- that calculates the SIP as per your needs and goals. Typically fun fair games were also planned for the kids’ engagement. The challenge was to successively execute and replicate in every city to get a positive response.

The outcome was phenomenal. The Nivesh mela garnered unexpected and huge response from the people of Gujarat and generated wide awareness about Mutual fund investment. The activity not only created awareness but also fetched a good amount of conversion. It became a topic of discussion in all the three cities and made a huge impact on the target group.


Liquid communication received the mandate for planning and executing a 3 day Wrap Summit for IFast financial which is Asia’s leading online investment platform for independent financial intermediaries, DIY investors, financial institutions and multi-national companies.

The brief was to design & plan an event which would be witnessed by their top business associates from various parts of the country. The scope of work involved creative ideation, planning, event setup design , production and executing backend technicalities.

Planning & Execution:
The challenge was to plan, design & execute the event in less than a week’s time. The team geared up with the planning and ideation for the event. The stage design incorporated digital cubes which flanked the centre screen giving projection flexibility & a new dimension. LED stahndee were installed to showase dynamic communication of IFast & its sponsors. A 3D installation was designed to mark the completion of their 10 years which turned out to be a Photo Ops attraction for the guest.

The mutual fund industry experts, CIOs, CEOs, CDOs and eminent international speakers shared and discussed their experience on this forum through panel discussions, interactive presentations and intimate breakout sessions to give insights on the opportunities for growth in the face of regulatory changes, technology trends and changing demographics.

The summit came to a closure with an extraordinary mind reading session by Mr. Mohit Rao who engaged the audience with his phenomenal mind reading and hypnosis skills.


Morningstar, Inc. is a global investment research and investment management firm headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, United States. Morningstar holds an investment conference every year that calls for eminent personalities from the finance fraternity. Highlighting cutting-edge theories and research from leading financial experts, the conference brings together advisors, asset managers, other industry professionals, and individual investors to discuss key financial topics and timely investment strategies.

The brief was to plan and execute a distinctive event for approximately 1800 dignitaries. The agenda involved presentations, panel discussions and speech by international speakers. The challenge was to be on a par with their conferences of international standards that take place globally.

Planning and Design:
The brief demanded design and execution of an event that is remarkably minimalistic and premium with an international appeal. And it was necessary for it to reflect in every element of the event i.e.from the invite to the give aways. The plan was specifically designed keeping in mind the intricacies and accordingly the placement of various stalls, labs and lounge areas were allotted. Alignment of product stalls was also crucial since they were also the key highlights. The design elements were kept minimal but artistically fabricated to suit the brand’s image.

Production and Execution:
The registration and entry of the high profile dignitaries was taken care through hassle free digital process. The stage setup included a huge 64 X 12 feet Led screen with watchout servers for presentations. The speaker lounge was aesthetically designed to suit the theme of the event. The elegant designs and sleek suspended branding elements made it look exclusively premium and exuberant. The product stalls were allotted the space in such a way that they get maximum footfalls. They were segregated in three categories: Innovation Lab, Training Lab and MorningStar Lounge. The whole ambience gave an exclusive experience to each visitor with its unique branding elements and massive yet elegant setup.

The conference saw 30 prominent speakers which consisted of renowned names from the industry like Amitabh Kant, Motilal Oswal, Anup Maheshwari and Matt Wacher etc. The conference covered major discussion topics like –Economy, Markets and Credits in an uncertain growth environment, the challenges in the sector as well as setting up the vision a prudent strategy in the world of uncertainty. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar graced the event with his divine presence. He addressed the audience on crucial topics like stress management, work life balance and guided the audience with his most sort after art of living lessons. The conference got huge response and received coverage by major media platforms.


EMAAR India, one of the fastest growing real estate development companies wanted to celebrate their achievements and turnaround with an Annual day for their 600 employees at the Head Office at Gurgaon.

Liquid Communication was entrusted the responsibility of conceptualization, planning and execution of the event. The brief was to come up with a concept that exemplifies the achievements of the year and puts forth the goals for the upcoming year. The expectation was to create an experiential setup which makes the achievers / award holders feel proud and honoured and gears them up to aim higher and hence the event was aptly named as ‘Junoon’.

As per the brief a thorough plan was devised. The main focus of the team was to derive a concept that resonates with the theme of the event and is reflected in every element of the setup as well as flows through the entire show to create a WOW factor for employees.

A comprehensive plan was designed to bring about a feeling of pride amongst the employees. The gate doors were customised into Achievement wall stating – ‘Welcome Achievers to Junoon 2019’ with 3d backlit blocks that showcased achievements of each department of the company. An entry tunnel with LED walls was installed which played an audio visual featuring future plans and goals of the company for the forthcoming years. A grand stage was setup to showcase the progressive outlook of the organisation. An elaborate life size glass photo-zone was installed that resembled a magazine cover which enthralled the audience to get themselves featured on the coverpage of EMAAR Times. We also had LED standees showcasing the past achievers. An action packed AV was received with great enthusiasm as it enlisted the achievements of the year gone by.

The whole event rolled out effortlessly with felicitations of the employees with awards with the Long Service Award, Pride Award and Roll of Honour Award. To add on to the celebratory mood a renowned stand-up comedian Mr. Atul Khatri kept the audience entertained in a jovial mood with his unmatchable comic timing.

The event turned out to be a huge success and culminated on a high note setting new goals and vision for the company and left the employees in high spirits.